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Retreat Bar Soap
Jennifer D. (NY)
Retreat bar

This is pretty much the only bar soap i love! It's perfect for someone like me that doesn't have an overbearing sent! It's mild,, it has exfoliating properties to it ( that's the best part ), and it leaves my skin feeling soft and it doesn't leave my skin looking dry and flaky! It's definitely worth $10 bucks 👍 I really love it 😀❤️ thank you Rad for creating this for us mild sent users lol! Keep em coming!

$10 Gift Card
Linda B. (CA)
Yellowstone bar soap

Boy friend loves it great smell and lathers up great

Works great

This really works. It keeps the Deer flies and mosquitos away. It smells nice, and doesn't feel greasy.

Chaga Bar Soap
Shannon E. (VA)
Smells wonderful, skin left feeling soft

I am very pleased with the scents of the soaps and the ability of the soap to moisturize my skin; leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, not waxy or stripped of moisture. Also does not leave a soap scummy residue.

Chaga Bar Soap
Customer (NY)

Chaga Bar Soap

The Naked Nine
Jeff K. (IA)
This Suds For You

Just got our Naked Nine soap pack and love everything about it! We usually order the 6 pack, but decided to try out some new scents after being thrilled with the original six. VEry glad we did. The scents are fantastic for my wife and I (Nirvana is our favorite. If you close your eyes, it kind of smells like teen spirit), the bars are big and thicc, the soaps are mild (my wife has very sensitive skin but hasn't had any issues with our Rad products, and the new full box packaging is perfect for showing off the cool branding and soap scents. We are on our fourth or fifth order now with no plans to stop. Love what y'all are doing! Keep up the great work!

Fine soap!

Too soon to tell if it will help repel our tough Adirondack insects, but very nice soap anyway.

Yellowstone Deodorant

Any of Rad's Deodorants are wonderful, there is no buildup under the arms on your bra or shirt. Just wish this would of been around 40 years ago.

Sweet slumber dreams cream

LOVE this stuff, so grateful for the sale too!! Bought extra, anyone who stays with us and struggles with sleep , I give them some cream and they are amazed too!

Project H - Hemp Bar Soap
Harriet B. (NY)
Project H Hemp Bar Soap

I have been using this for years and the new packaging makes it easier to spot on the shelf. It is still the same as the bar which was open directly to the air and it protects it more.

It really works!

I’m on blood thinners and am clumsy….not a good combo. Needless to say, I bruise very easily and all over, all of the time. This lotion not only makes the bruises disappear so much quicker, but it also helps with sore muscles and I like the smell.

BEST sugar I have ever tried

I have sensitive skin and this scrub leaves my skin feel very moisturised and soft I love it - I bought it at whole foods in NY and am super sad you guys don't see here in Europe!

Chaga Skincare Set
Charlotte O. (MO)
I haven't recieved my order I love Rad!!

I haven't recieved my order yet.... I was wondering when it was going to be here. Could you please look into it and let me know. Thank you. Charlotte Osgood

Chaga Bar Soap
Janet A. (MA)
Chaga and Moon Rock bar soaps

I have been purchasing these soaps for quite a few years. Absolutely love them!! If you haven’t tried any yet, you need to.

Skin Refresh Bar Soap
Nancy S. (NY)
Skin refresh soap

This was a good choice for me and I love the smell. I love all your soaps and they work really well. I’m 75 and my skin is in perfect condition. I always get asked what I use on my face and the answer is always RAD soap. I always give it as gifts to my friends.

Chaga Body Cream
John B. (NY)
My favorite product

The chaga products I have purchased from Rad work great and smell even better. People ask me what I’m using all the time. And I’m glad to tell them. ITS RAD!

Moon Rock Bar Soap
pat Y. (TX)
Great soap

My husband loves this soap. He has very oily skin, and this soap works great.

Tick free since I started using it!

I've been bitten by more ticks than anyone could count living in the Hilltowns, and have been treated for both acute and chronic tick-borne diseases including Lyme, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and bartonella. I've tried all the high-test sprays, natural solutions, tick check regularly, and always shower after being outside. No matter what I did, it seemed like I'd still find crawlers on me. I started using this soap about two months ago on a daily basis, and have been working in the woods all Spring. Since starting to bathe myself in Rad's insect repelling soap, I haven't found a single crawler on me. A dang miracle. Thank you!

Yellowstone Bar Soap
Eric S. (TX)
Yellowstone bar soap

The Yellowstone bar soap is hands down and by far the absolute best ultimate scent you have! I have sampled nearly every scent available and this has become my new fav and will now be a regular. I’ll now be ordering two of them with my three bar subscription. Please don’t ever phase this scene out.

Excellent product

I had high hopes for this cream and it did not disappoint, I am able to walk without much knee pain. Will order again

Hand Therapy Cream
Rebecca H. (MI)

Haven’t received it yet

Best Soap!!!

So pleased with the scent and feeling of this body wash! Will definitely buy again :)


Great product that works and best of all no rashes. I would ask you consider bringing back the bergamon lime! It worked the best at preventing odor plus I have seen other buyers request this as well so I'm sure it would sell

Top Tier Deodorant

I had a problem with regular deodorants. I would sweat and smell, it would clog my pores, stain my clothes. With this product I can sweat ten times over and still smell fresh. It doesn’t stain clothing nor clog pores. I love this deodorant so much, wish there was a little store in NYC. Also can we work on a soap for this fragrance, because the vanilla smells so pure and delicious, would love the smell for my whole body.

My forever face cream

So I used to use another RAD product on my face and when it was discontinued I started using this which I used to use mostly for my hands in winter. My face did great with it so I kept using it. I don’t peel and don’t break out. My skin drinks it right up. I recently ran out and tried something else, broke out immediately and woke up with peeling each morning. I reordered and applied it the moment the package arrived. I will never run out again. This is going to be it for life. Highly recommend.