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Bar Soap Club
R.N. (NY)
Amazing lather and so hydrating

I am on my second bar and loving this soap. My skin is soft and feels great, the lather is lovely and the fragrance is light and natural

Hand Therapy Cream
Samantha W. (NY)

This lotion leaves your hand moisturized without feeling greasy. A must have for the winter months!

Rad product

Delivery was timely. Using cream on ankle. Working well to reduce inflammation.

Yay! Remix-Grateful Threads is back!

One of the best laundry detergents I have used! Years ago tried making my own laundry soap because of skin sensitivities in household. Didn't turn out the best but had no good options then.
Remix was shared with us by my BFF and it is amazing! Our family loves the fresh smell and clean clothes without an itchy feeling after!!! Thank you RAD for this product!!! Keep it coming!

My Fave ♡!

I love every soap I've tried, but this one is amazing on my eczema prone skin. I've tried many natural soaps, and RAD is by far my favorite!!

Nirvana Bar Soap
Helen (ME)
Nirvana soap

Hello I did just recently purchase this soap but haven’t used it yet. I have in the past and like it very much. Most of your soaps are pleasant some lather better than others. I did not like Tove and threw it away. The smell was aweful! Could you create more of a citrus smelling soap? I use Chaga the most.

Awsome Scent

No overwhelming headache scent. Love the soap a little does the whole load. Clothes are soft

This stuff really works!

I have had problems with sleep for years, and then I found RAD sweet slumber. I put a little on the bottom of each foot at bedtime, and I sleep so well! It's an absolute game changer!!!

Chaga Skincare Set
Karen M. (IL)
Chaga Skincare Set

I absolutely love this skincare routine! You have a solid customer for this! I might switch the soap for my face to the lemon & blue raspberry next time for a fun change-up.

Remix detergent

Haven’t tried it yet, hope to try today or tomorrow. Smells wonderful. I didn’t get a scoop in my bag so don’t know how much I should use.. I am thinking about 2 tablespoons is that right?

Bought by mistake

I usually purchase Happy Hippie and Moon Rock body cream. Sweet Slumber was delivered and I didn't notice until I went to put it on, I only saw the purple label lol. I tried it before going to sleep and I did get a good rest.

Happy Hippie Bar Soap
Marlene S. (SC)
Happy Hippie soap review

I absolutely love, love, love this soap! I cannot use any other soap but my Happy Hippie. My skin feels incredibly soft and the smell is so uplifting. I am a fan for life

Nirvana Bar Soap
Lori D. (MI)
Great for dry skin

My husband has very dry skin especially in the winter. After trying this soap it is the only one he will use.

Great product for dry skin and eczema

Originally bought this soap as a stocking stuffer for my granddaughter who has severe eczema. She was super excited after using it for a week. Her skin was smooth and she said she didn’t itch constantly. My husbands skin has always been very dry especially in the winter so I bought the package of various kinds for us to try. For the past 2 years this is the only soap product we have used.

Dry Skin Saver

This is the only soap that keeps my skin hydrated to the point of NO flakiness!
I have tried many other brands and my search has ended after finding and using this soap. I have passed on my success to my friends~Customer for life!

I really enjoy the feeling the soap leaves on my body, feels more silly and squeaky clean. The body and face cream need time to soak in to feel the effects of smooth skin. I would purchase again.

Works and smells great

Great scent and works all day. I used to be able to buy it at Whole Foods but now it’s never in stock. I will keep purchasing from the website.

Yellowstone Bar Soap
Jess C. (NY)
Like it... but where's the scent?

I am a loyal customer for some time now, chaga face cream is everything. I was excited to try this new scent Yellowstone, however I was confused that when I opened it, I didn't smell anything. I decided to try it see if it smelled stronger when I lathered it, but nope, unfortunately no smell to it which was a complete bummer because the description sounded awesome. It just smells like an ordinary bar of soap. I mean I love the way it works, and makes my skin soft. But I was really looking forward to a scented one. I couldn't smell anything that was in the description at all.

Rebranding was a huge mistake

The ManUp body creme had an amazing smell!!! My partner loved how it smelled on me. When I tried the rebranded version, Yellowstone Body Creme, she said the smell reminded her of a church. Epic failure!

Nirvana Bar Soap
David U. (NC)

Nirvana Bar Soap

Nirvana Bar Soap
Kathi B. (TX)

My favorite soap. Love the lather and smell. Doesn't dry out my sensitive skin. Fabulous product.

Remix laundry

Smells nice but it did not rinse out of the soap bin in the machine. I did another load by just putting the powder in with the clothes.

Chaga Bar Soap
Evlyn M. (AZ)

Have not used it yet so I cannot give it a fair review. But the smell is nice.

Nirvana Bar Soap
Evlyn M. (AZ)

I haven't used it yet but I was not thrilled with the smell. Hard to buy online if I can't smell it. I will give it to my boyfriend.