Our Story

It all began in a small kitchen fueled by a mother’s love where founder, Sue Kerber searched for something natural to relieve her son’s eczema. In early 2009, she turned her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for blending natural ingredients into what is today known as the Rad Soap Co.

From that point forward Sue and her family developed a unique and top secret proprietary process for creating their hand crafted batches of soap. The process includes suspending the soap in a glycerin state with botanicals and essential oils never being exposed to caustic sodas/lye therefore never altering the delicate state of those natural ingredients. To this day RAD's unique process of production has never been duplicated to their knowledge. RAD's products are crafted and ready for delivery within 24 hours thus delivering the freshest all-natural body care to our beloved consumers and wholesale partners.

A group of unexpected loyal customers got behind the family and their award winning products from day one with the power of a grassroots movement which took on a life of its own. Rad was also accepted/requested into the world of the highly prestigious, trending and selective Korean Beauty/Skin Care market when they became one of the first and only American family owned companies to sell their products in South Korea.

Today, The Rad Soap Co. is committed to being the consumers most trusted source for natural body care products. RAD Soap adheres to strict quality standards due to the founder’s belief “If my family won’t use it, then we won’t sell it”. We believe in products with a purpose.

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Hey Radsters, let me introduce myself. I am the Soap queen/creator/maker of Rad Soap! I started this company in 2009 in my kitchen in Cohoes, NY.  The reason for this venture was to share products that I have made over the past 30 years with you! I began creating homemade products when my oldest son Zak was born with eczema. After many doctors appointments and failed prescriptions, I decided to turn to nature! After reading up on the subject, I came up with my own version of a lotion to test on him and low and behold I developed what is today known as Rad's Toke extreme line.  After years of making several different creams for all sorts of ailments, I approached my family with an idea. 

At the time, our family was going through some rough years as families do, and I knew that we needed to bring some income into the home soooo... On one of my many trips to my brother's home in Rochester we had a conversation about starting a company. My son Zak and I decided to come up with Rad which stood for Radical. We wanted to create something different with body care,  "products with purpose" if you will.  7 years later, we're out of my kitchen and now in a 15 thousand square ft building! I am also proud to say that both of my sons Zak and Max are now partners in my soap empire. Rad Soap is here to stay and wow, what a journey it has been. 

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