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1. Formulated With #1 Superfood For Hydration.

They infuse your skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from cold pressed hemp seed oil.The omega-3 content in hemp seed oil is the skincare secret experts sweat by for dry skin since our bodies can't produce it naturally.


2. Superior Rich and Creamy Lather For Soothing.

You’ve never experienced a lather like this before. Rad soaps create a rich and creamy lather that cleanses and moisturizes your skin. It feels like a spa treatment in your shower.

3.Plant Based Ingredients (No, harsh Chemicals)

Their soaps are made with gentle plant ingredients that won’t bother sensitive or itchy skin. There are no harsh chemicals in these soaps, so they’re safe for you and the environment.


4. Luxurious Spa-Like Scents For Your Shower

Revitalize your bathing experience with our innovative blend of natural scents that transport you with every use, matching the captivating allure of high-end perfumes and colognes.

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5. Expert designed shape and size.

There’s a reason why Rad soaps are rectangular and large. They make them that way to give you more value and pleasure. They fit better in your hand, cover more of your body, and don’t slip away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 283 reviews
R.N. (NY)
Amazing lather and so hydrating

I am on my second bar and loving this soap. My skin is soft and feels great, the lather is lovely and the fragrance is light and natural

Nancy C. (NH)
Best Soaps Ever!

We have used the Rad Hemp Soap and Skin Therapy for years. Both are great for sensitive skin, leaving it clean and soft.
We receive our soap via subscription which eliminates the need to reorder. Could not be happier and have recommended Rad soap to many family members and friends!
Thank you Rad for taking care of our skin!

Marie B. (FL)
Great long lasting

Big bars last a long time

William S. (KY)

Bar Soap Subscription

Jodi K. (CO)
Best soap ever!

I am a soap user only customer and have tried many different brands but when I bought Rad soap I was instantly impressed! The way it lathers up is amazing. The The fragrances last all through the bar. It smells so good! I was so impressed that I got the subscription and can’t wait to share with family and friends🥰