Why your bar soap should have Ashwagandha in it.

Why your bar soap should have Ashwagandha in it.

Come to the shower as you are... and leave clean, energized and youthful feeling thanks to RAD SOAP’s revitalizing new bar of Nirvana. Buddhists define ‘nirvana’ as a transcendent state with no suffering, and this new body bar helps users achieve calming enlightenment with all-natural ingredients known to regenerate your skin. 

Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb that regulates and calms skin, fighting against free radical damage and firming skin for a more youthful look. In addition, Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom extractions add strong anti-aging properties and high levels of melanin to make our Nirvana bar the most potent moisturizing antioxidant soap in the world.

Nirvana will drain you of stress and anxiety and return you to a world free from pain and full of heavenly happiness. $10 is a small price to pay for a month’s worth of herbal cleansing bliss containing youth inducing oils and herbs.

RAD SOAP offers no apologies for introducing this religious experience to your shower and bathtub that smells better than teen spirit. Just massage, rinse, repeat to keep your body clean and instill youthfulness inside and out. 

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