Your Skin's Best Friend

So if you haven't heard, our good friends at  DEATH WISH COFFEE WON THE INTUIT QUICKBOOKS SMALL BUSINESS BIG GAME AD CONTEST!! Three cheers for Death Wish and coffee because well, who doesn't love coffee and if you don't love coffee, here's why you should...If you're anything like me you'd take your coffee intravenously because there's no such thing as too much caffeine right? I anxiously look forward to every deep dark drop of caffeinated goodness and the full body ignite that comes with it but if you're not like me (and that's okay too) you should give coffee a shot because of two little words, your skin.

You see when applied topically, coffee does this neat little magic trick under your skin by constricting the blood vessels thus reducing redness and any puffiness so you can say goodbye to puffy discoloration (I'm talking to you dark circles and acne scars). Coffee is also a natural diuretic, which happens to be the one annoying part of drinking it (i.e. lots of bathroom breaks) but when applied to the skin it's my FAVORITE part! Basically all this means is goodbye cellulite and excess water weight! Mhmm, now we're talkin'! If that's not enough convincing, coffee also happens to be great for brightening the skin and a very popular exfoliant (with good reason)! Wait, thats not all! Check out these other totally RAD coffee claims...

  • High in antioxidants
  • Increases circulation
  • Fights free radicals
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Decreases the appearance of rosacea
  • Repairs UV damage

Coffee is some sort of magic bean, for real. We're talking Jack and the Bean Stalk stuff here. Now that you're a coffee addict too, I think it'd be a good time to introduce you to our soap and coffee love-child, Rad's  Death Wish Highly Caffeinated Body Care. Go ahead, click the link... We dare you. However we should warn you though, you're about to experience the world's most caffeinated body care. 

Ps. Check out the super awesome GIANT Death Wish bar we sent the Death Wish crew, below!

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