Going Clay Crazy

Spring is coming (we hope) and I don't know about you, but with the weather changing my skin starting to act-a-fool. No seriously, just when I think I've got one skin issue under control... then, boom my skin is dry and cracking like sandpaper in the desert.

Lucky for me, I work for Rad Soap which means changing temps have no power here! I have one four letter word for you, clay. You're probably thinking "Say what? What's clay got to do with the skin care game?" but I'm here to tell you EVERYTHING, it's got everything to do with it. Even if you don't have dry skin (maybe its oily or combination) either way, clay is your saving grace. 

So let's jump right to it! In our RAD products we use 3 different types of clay; bentonite, green and pink. These clays are known to be natural healing clays composed of a TON of minerals (iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium) and they're formed from a natural volcanic ash. This means that it produces a very powerful negative electric charge when water is added to it, which aids in binding and removing toxins. When you mix water with the clay, the components alter within, thus allowing it to become a powerful tool in absorbing toxins. The clay essentially “seeks” out toxins in the skin to bind with because naturally any substance that has a missing ion (which gives it its “charge”) looks for oppositely charged types of substances that will make it complete. Upon binding to these oppositely charged toxins, the clay is then able to help remove them.

Science can be pretty cool, right?

Clay is also known as a natural antibiotic and naturally provides more oxygen to your skin cells because it has the ability to pull excess hydrogen from your cells, leaving more room for oxygen to take its place.

When cells have more oxygen, you feel more energized and your body can repair itself more easily, leaving you with a healthy glow. But wait, that's not all. Clay also contains alkalizing minerals, which brings the level of your skin's pH to a more optimal balance between acidity and alkalinity. Wait, wait, and my personal favorite part of using clay... it reduces pore size almost INSTANTLY after a few uses. 

Basically clay is the bees-knees. Now I'm sure you want to know which RAD products contain clay, right? I thought so. Let me break it down for you:

Kryptonite Bar & Cream: Green Clay

Ladies Shave Bar: Pink Clay

Men's Shave Bar: Bentonite Clay

Tea Party Red Bar: Pink Clay

Hoe Down Oatmeal Exfoliant Bar: Bentonite Clay

We may or may not even have a few more products blended with clay as an active ingredient in the future. So stay tuned,my RAD friends! 

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