Inside the Bar Soap Club

Inside the Bar Soap Club

How sweet is this? A mom, named Sue Kerber,  found herself trying to naturally fix her son’s eczema problem.  After numerous trips to specialists and not wanting a prescribed medication, she created a natural cream called Toke right in her own kitchen and it worked!   How powerful is a mother’s love? Take that love along with natural botanicals and essential oils and viola RAD was born!

This take control attitude, entrepreneurial spirit, and working as a family created this amazing, natural soap company to make it the best soap and creams in the world.  Their unparalleled hand-crafted soaps keep the unaltered botanicals and essential oils minus the caustic sodas/lye which keeps the delicate state of those natural ingredients. RAD's products are USA made and ready for delivery within 24 hours.

Ten years later RAD is going strong.  RAD is the perfect name for this company since it is shaking up an old industry into a cool, natural, fresh, hand-crafted,  no-crap in the soap, soap!! Lastly, all of the soaps as well as creams are eco-friendly so you are reducing your carbon footprint with every purchase!


The Bar Soap Club has arrived!  

RAD continues to turn the soap industry on their ear. You can now have your own monthly soap box.  How cool is that?

You can now order your subscription soap box via - all natural, created with essential oils and botanicals and other amazing ingredients that is made right here in the Capital Region, like other soaps you will NOT find parabens, sulfates, phthalates, harsh chemicals, gluten, gmo’s, nut oils and no animal products. No crap in this soap! 

How many bars of soap can you cut in half with a metal ruler! Yup, a ruler! The bars are so big that some cut it in half for use in other bathrooms or to fit comfortably in one’s hand.

You need to try this soap if you haven’t already and to really get a full fledged feel for all 20 plus soaps, then you need to subscribe to the Soap Club do it will love it and they make great gifts!  Who doesn’t want a fresh bar of soap on a monthly basis?!? Sign me up!!

With over 20 plus soaps to choose from and you are able to change your order prior to shipment and switch to a new, amazingly unbelievable smelling  soap. And to add that cherry on the proverbial sundae, you will receive two mystery gifts with every box. Ahhhmazing!!

Below is a run down of what the soap assists with.  

Problem=Solution Soap Bar

Overall appearance of your skin=American Beauty

Remove dead skin cells and balance PH/oil producing levels=Bier bar

Exfoliant/antioxidant/assists with anti-aging=Chaga bar

Effective for firming, reducing redness, reducing the appearance of blemishes and combating cellulite=Death wish coffee bar

Added moisture=Dirty Dame

For all skin types, mild=Cheeks

Eliminate razor burn=Gentlemen’s Shave bar

Insect repellant to effectively aid in the repellant of insects (great for camping or hanging outside).=Insect repellant

Ideal for combating blemish prone, oily and/or troublesome skin.=Kryptonite

Moisturizing and smooth-lathering =Love

Smelling like a man=Man up

Known to soothe dry patches, cracking and irritated skin=Project H-Hemp

Aromatherapy session=Rock Star

Effectively eliminating excess oils and bacteria from the skin=Skin therapy

Relaxing=Sweet slumber

Gentleman's scent of Bay Rum and Lime=The old fashioned

For eczema prone skin=Toke

Overall feel and appearance=Unicorn


Gentle exfoliant=Volcanic


Aids in combating fluid retention, signs of aging and calming the nervous system=Zoku

1 bar for $10

2 bars for $20

3 bars for $25

And don’t forget your 2 free surprise gifts with each box/  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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