Rad has been experimenting with a new game changing ingredient in body care, Himalayan salt.

The whole Rad world knows the benefits of Himalayan Salt as far as consumption goes but we got to thinking...What can it do for your skin?

Because of the high level of minerals that exist in the salt due to the way it is naturally formed, it has been known to help tone the skin and help with numerous skin conditions. Himalayan Pink Salt is also a natural detoxifying agent while maintaining its soothing properties.

After researching this complex and fascinating ingredient we decided we just HAD to put it in a product and thus, the American Beauty line was born. If you haven't had the pleasure of testing out what this bar/cream duo can do, then you're severely missing out. 

Our American Beauty Bar was instantly accepted by our Radsters as a new best seller and there's no surprise as to why. We began with the traditional and luxurious soft scent of Rose and from there decided to use Himalayan Pink Salt fine and thick grain as an exfoliant because of it's blush-like rosy coloring. Little did we know this exfoliant would be unlike any other. The minerals help to reduce water weight while also soothing and detoxifying not to mention the calming aroma of rose and the mineral steam works as a natural antihistamine.

The effects are astonishing. American Beauty leaves your skin with a glowing and youthful radiance unlike anything else we've seen but it doesn't stop there! We've also infused the beloved salt into our American Beauty Youth Preserving Cream to aid in balancing pH and enhancing nutrient absorption through your skin.

This line is killer but don't take our word for it, try it here.

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