Words cannot express how loved and sincerely valuable our customers are to us. Everything we do is for you and every product we hand craft is first used by our entire family so that we can be sure they truly work and fit the utmost of RAD standards. So here's a look at what our customers are saying about RAD.




Subject: RAD Testimonial

I jumped on the RAD bandwagon two years ago when I was lured to their space at the HVCC craft fair. Fully intending on buying soap as Christmas gifts, I ended up selfishly keeping them because I just couldn’t get enough. Using all-natural skin care products is something I’ve been doing for the past few years, so exploring more about RAD was a no brainer. I seriously haven’t tried a RAD product I haven’t loved. Kryptonite and Moon Rock are my go-to soaps and I’ve even converted a few relatives into using this goodness. Their Hoe-Down insect repellant really does work and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about coating my kids with it on those hot, buggy evenings. Love, love, love the Toke body cream. And most recently, I started using the American Beauty cream on my face. It soaks nicely into my skin without feeling greasy. I’m so happy to have found a new product like this to add to my daily regimen. The icing on the cake is that I get to support a local business, something I feel pretty strongly about in this day and age. I can’t say enough awesome things about this company and the products they offer!!

-J. Ernst

Subject: Testimonial

Hi – I have been purchasing Rad products for a year now.  My first purchase was at Whole Foods in Albany.  A customer told me that the Rad Evening Calming is better than any sleeping pill on the market.  At night I apply this to the bottom of my feet and on my arms.  I sleep so good and love the clean lavender smell.  Can’t go to sleep without it!  Thank you Rad for a good night's sleep.

PS – I gave a jar to my mom and she can’t sleep without it either.


Subject: I Love RAD Soap

I would like to say that I love the soap. So far, I have purchased 3 Hemp and 1 Hemp and Borage. I love the hemp ingredient and I feel that it's the best for my skin and body. I also love the scent and the soap is gorgeous. In my view, the story behind the original production of the soap proves that a mother's love is e=mc2. Finally, I am thrilled with the fact that the company is local, and is based in home state of New York State.

I am excited about purchasing more RAD products made with Hemp ingredients in the near future.

Thank you.

"Love is like a blazing fire. It burns like a mighty flame. No amount of water can just put it out. Rivers can't drown it. Suppose someone offers all of her/his wealth to buy love. That won't even come close to being enough". Song of Songs.


Subject: Super hand lotion!

My friend bought a basket of Rad goodies at a silent auction in Hoosick Falls recently and told me how much she liked the hand lotion, so when I saw Rad at the Troy Farmer's Market yesterday, I decided to try the Hoe Down hand lotion for myself. Just a small amount made my hands feel so soft and not greasy, at all. Even after washing my hands throughout the day, my hands are still soft. My husband was equally impressed when the lotion smoothed and moisturized his dry, cracked hands. This is great stuff. Now I'm anxious to try other Rad products!

Thea Hambright

Subject: Hemp-tastic Hempstile Lemon Diesel

I purchased this product at the Canal Days in Rochester this past weekend. Initially, I planned to use it as a body wash but decided to try some of the household uses suggested to me by the enthusiastic sales people. I was shocked by the results! My pots and pans look amazing after Sunday dinner and my sheets smell and feel lovely. I plan to experiment with it all over the house. Thanks, RAD!


Subject: Toke Extreme Cream & Soap

Has almost obliterated my chronic rosacea, which I have had for 25 yrs. Better than any treatment from any dermatologist (except for antibiotics which I don’t want to continually take) and other products I’ve tried on the market.


Subject: Peace Bar

Purchased a bar at the Garden of the Gods trading post souvenir shop in Colorado Springs. Wow, wow, wow. The smell of this soap makes my 5AM showers every morning MUCH more pleasant. Thank you Rad Soap for an awesome product.


Subject: Rad Soap Rules!

My fiance and I were wandering around the vendor's area at the Philadelphia Flower Show and we saw the Rad booth on the floor, so we decided to stop and see what they had to offer. The staff were extremely helpful and courteous and they were knowledgeable on what would be the best for me. My hands were extremely dry, cracked, and stiff. I was advised to get "Ouch" (a slave which not only helped with the sores on my hands, but helped with a really bad windburn under my bottom lip) and "Toke". The combination of the two not only started to take effect almost immediately after I started using them, but withing a week or so, my hands were pretty much healed. I've tried just about everything and this pretty much did the trick. My fiance, who also has severely dry hands like I do bought the creams as well (I forgot what he bought). THANK YOU!


Subject: I Love Rad Soap

My experience with Rad soap has been nothing but PHENOMINAL! .. it started with the soaps. Which smell AMAZING. However, my love affair with Rad soap is due to the incredible quality of their lotions!! The Chaga body cream is out of this world. I am very picky when it comes to lotions. I don’t like a lot of chemicals, however I don’t want something that makes my skin TOO moisturized/greasy. A little dab of the Chaga cream and that’s all I need!! Everyone always comments on how wonderful my skin smells and I tell them ALL about it!!

Also, the "Score" works WONDERS. I purchase all of my products at the Schenectady farmers market every Sunday and when I was training for a half marathon I inquired about a lotion for my sore feet that had started bothering me just a week before my big run. They recommended the Score, but I was a little bit weary of how well it would really work…. It ended up working WONDERS. I rubbed it on my feet after my run and any pain that I had went away within a short period of time, and after the full half marathon, I showered up, put the Score all over my legs and feet, took a 2 hour nap, and wokeup without a sore muscle on my body. AWESOMENESS!!

I could go on and on about my love for Rad soap,.. but I wont. JUST BUY IT!


Subject: Chaga Cream - Amazing
I just left a review for your Chaga Body Cream, which has cured a problem i've had with hands for over 10 years now. My hands were sooooo dry and red. I was so embarrassed by my hands. I believe chemicals and chlorine added to my redness, but it's just something really hard to avoid. I am glad to have found your cream. It was recommended to me by an employee at Whole Foods in Port Chester, NY. He told me it was curing his co-worker's psoriasis.. amazing.
You should look into selling your products in NYC. Life Thyme might be a great place for you to sell your products. They're small but their selection is great. There is also a very popular Farmer's Market at Union Square.
Thank you so much!


Subject: Testimonial
I received the lavender body bar and the lavender body cream as a gift and fell in love On a recent trip back to NY I stopped in at the Farmers Market at Proctors - and there they were just waiting for me - my wonderful yummy RAD body bars. I bought a basketful!!!!! Come to SanAntonio Sue!!!!

Karen Jean

Subject: Toke Extreme
I bought your Toke Extreme soap and body cream at the Chocolate Expo on 1/26/14. I have suffered from hand eczema for 2 years and after 2 days of using these products my hands went from dry, red and burning to clear and soft!! These products are AMAZING! I am so glad I made this purchase! You just got yourself another life long customer! THANK YOU!!!


Subject: Chaga Soap
Picked up a bar of Chaga soap yesterday.... All I can say is WOW! My skin is so clean, soft and moisturized. And the citrus oils in the soap just take to the next level. I've always enjoyed your products before but now I am absolutely hooked! Thank you thank you thank you for such a high quality, good for you product!!!!!


Subject: Kryptonite
Hey guys!! Met up w you at the HCCC craft fair and you talked me into the Krytonite bar soap for acne... I am MORE than impressed and beyond excited! I have only used this on my face for 6 days and I have never ever in 10 years of fighting acne had something even come this close to working! I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to clear up my face, whether doctor perscribed or over the counter and I have found the best thing ever in a 10 dollar bar of soap! You will have a customer for life! Im sooooo glad I stopped at your booth! Seriously..... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Subject: Arnica Cream
Hi Rad Soap, I met you at the Wine & Chocolate festival in Westchester a few weeks ago. I was looking for a product that would increase circulation and the Score arnica cream was recommended to me. I am otherwise the picture of health, but every winter I suffer from "winter feet" or chilblains and it is the worst. My feet are hot, itchy, red/purple or freezing cold - with no middle ground. I have been taking a regimen of magnesium and niacin as well as using the arnica cream and (knock on wood) it's going away. This cream is healing my skin and helping my blood flow. I love the smell of it and the feel of it. I've been so happy about this product I found myself wondering, "Gee, can I come work for RAD soap?" Haha. Thank you for doing what you do.

All the best,

Subject: Bug Spray
Thank you so much for letting me come to the factory to pick up some Hoe Down bug spray. Please thank your husband, too! We had a great weekend in the woods and the bug spray worked great and smells wonderful! I usually get eaten alive by mosquitoes and this is probably one of the few times that I only got one bug bite! And that happened overnight on a part of my arm that I had not sprayed. My twin boys and my husband also didn't get bitten!

Thank you again for great customer service and an excellent product. We will definitely be keeping that bug spray in stock and telling our friends about it!


Subject: Destiny does exist!
I found the lovely makers and family of RAD SOAP. I think it was serendipity. I want one of each product... you will too. I would back their products up 100%. Each product is a work of art and made with love and dedication. Another plus for me is that each label says handmade in the USA and all natural ingredients. Oh, can’t forget the product’s edge and creativity.


Subject: Rad Remedies
I recently attended the "Daffodil Fair" in Meriden, Ct. As I walked about, a headache that had been with me most of the day, became more intense. I was about to leave when I happened upon a booth, selling Rad Soap products. Upon hearing the promises of creams, I was in doubt as to the validity. I applied the Rad Remedies to my temples, and the Score on the back of my neck, I left the booth with the promise that, I would return to purchase, if it worked.

I returned happily and with a faint remembrance of a headache. What a find! I hope to try more of the products, and recommend the two I did try, and continue to have great results with them.

Madison, Connecticut

Subject: Evening Calm
I just wanted to tell You that I bought the lavender Evening Calm lotion in Feb... and I LOVE IT! I slept so Good. Rubbing it on my feet before I went to bed. So Thank You! I have been out of it for awhile. Can't wait to get More.


Subject: Testimony
Bought a few soaps at the Garlic Festival for the 1st time. Love them all. Toke, Harmony, Marc and Cleo, Tuscan and the Wonderland Bar and cream... Love Love Love. Took a chance and bought the Karma Collection for my girlfriends B'day and she loved them all. She tried a dab of my Wonderland Cream and fell in love. We have both been Lush fans for a while but I think we have just found a replacement for the Lush soaps and creams. Your stuff is wonderful. I plan on buying for my daughter for Christmas since she is also a Lush fan and I know will love your products.


Subject: My Testimonial
I recently discovered "Rad Soap " at a local craft fair in Troy. I was sooooooooooooooooo excited to have finally found a homemade soap that I LOVE. Did I say LOVE, Yes, I LOVE it.

I am a little bit ashamed to say that I hide my Rad soap from the rest of my family. I do not want anyone else using it so I hoard it for myself ! My children know it is in the bathroom somewhere because they can smell it but they can not find it,lol This is the one thing in my life I have not and will not share with my children or husband....

I am also now addicted to the Harmony cream. It smells AMAZING ! I get complimented where ever I go. Thank you Rad Soap for making such a WONDERFUL product. I will never use another soap.

-Albany NY

Subject: Your products
Two weeks ago my wife and I were at the Crossings. I am the Viet Nam Veteran that talked about agent orange problems. I have to say in the two weeks of using the soap and the Chaga Body Cream several areas that have not healed in months and itch and bleed have mostly gone away, this has been a great relief for me. The Hoe Down bug spray has also worked very well and we really like it. You have earned a customer. Thanks again and I hope to see you on Saturday.

My neighbors next door said to say hello and that you would know them by their dog Louie.


Subject: Hoe Down Bug Spray
This stuff is amazing! No Chemicals, Smells wonderful and IT REALLY WORKS!! I would recommend to anyone.

- Amanda

Subject: Love
I had the pleasure of meeting Sue and being introduced to the Super Awesomeness that is the RAD Soap Company this past Sunday at the Goold's Orchard Apple Festival. My fiance and I were puttering around one of the arts/crafts tents; actually, we had just finished scarfing up samples at one of the "Buy Our Tasty Dip" stands... when we came upon The RAD booth. Having recently gotten engaged, I am all about making sure that the new sparkly thing on my left hand is properly showcased by presentable hands. This was not the case on Sunday. In a total coincidence, right before we reached the RAD booth, I remarked to my fiance, "I hope they have a lotion-type booth in here, because my hands look like the Crypt Keeper's". Seriously... think dry, think scaly, think decrepit.

As luck would have it, we rounded the corner and were greeted by all manner of soaps and lotions. I started sampling, and shoving various containers underneath my beloved's nose to see what scents he liked best. The winner was "Love Body Cream," which was filled with Cherry Almond yumminess. I slathered some on my crone hands, waffled a bit as to whether to buy now or wait. There was a cheese stand right next to RAD's booth, and I needed a Camembert fix in the biggest way. So we said we'd likely pop back, walked on, chowed on some seriously good cheese, and then decided, hey, we're thirsty, let's grab some cider.

When we were en route to cider, my fiance went to grab my hand, and then exclaimed "Wow!" -- my heretofore crackly little hands were now soft and springy. Even I had to look twice. None of my Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret lotions ever worked this well, that was for darn sure. In short, I gathered up what was left of my funds for the day (including change...lots of change), and marched back into the tent to purchase a container of "Love," which I have been applying with almost OCD-like devotion ever since. Hooray!

Sue is a righteous chick, and the karma gods should smile benevolently upon her and her family's fun company -- I will continue to purchase these wonderful products, and hope that RAD enjoys oodles of much-deserved success.

I and my new non-crinkly hands thank you once more :)

- Eileen Engel

Subject: testimonial
Greatest find ever!!!

I just recently discovered RAD soap at a craft fair at HVCC, and immediately became obsessed. It started with Hoe Down bug spray, and a bar of the Dirty Dog soap for my dogs. Then I got a bar of Harmony soap for myself, and the Evening Calm body cream. When I got home I really regretted not purchasing the Chaga Body Bar and Chaga Body Cream, so within a week I ended up ordering them off the website, along with Rad Remedies. I can't even tell you how happy I am with every single product. The soaps are amazing... they lather like crazy and my skin is incredibly soft afterward... and ohhhh the smell!!! The body creams leave my skin feeling like silk. And THEN there's the Evening Calm! By far my favorite RAD product, and that is saying a lot. My quality of sleep has improved so much, it is unbelievable. It has the most relaxing effect, I was so surprised at how well this stuff works. No offense but I've used a lot of different products from a lot of different companies, so forgive me when I say that I expected a slight exaggeration on the effects of Evening Calm... it just sounded too good to be true. But it is so awesome, and 100% lives up to its name and reputation.

But wait, there's more... today my fiance and I went to the Farmer's Market in Troy, mainly just to scope out some more RAD products on my part. So add to my list of things I love: Happy Feet and the new soap infused with tea and pomegranate. I also talked my fiance into trying the Toke Body Bar, and the Men's Shave Bar. He hasn't tried the shave bar yet, but he did get to try his new soap tonight, and you have yet another RAD fan!

Needless to say, I will forever be a fan of RAD, and can't wait to see what else you come out with! Keep the good stuff comin'! :)

Erika Updyke
Fort Plain, NY

Subject: Testimonial
I am your biggest fan! Ever since I showed up to the annual CBA craft fair years ago in the chemistry room, I have fell in love with every product your company has brought out to the capital district. I can't do to a craft fair, or farmers market without stopping by to see what products are new and exciting out. I have fell in love with the Score body cream, which helps with my bowling shoulder and softball pitchers arm. Just to name a few products from your bar soaps to your creams, every product that comes out I'm the first one to have it!

I would love for this company to have it's own line of at home parties. I would love to become the first RAD Soap consultant. I would love to do, parties with this amazing product. Please consider.

Hillary Seaburg

Subject: I love it
The products are great. I love them and so do all my grandkids. Nicholas age 4 loves the soap and he calls it "the real soap" when he asks me for the Peace soap. Ava and Coco are very fussy 10 and 7, makes them love only what they like... and they love the Beauty Bar and the creams. You are making great products and I love the packages...
Loe and God Bless your beautiful family.


Subject: How RAD is RAD soap?
This soap/lotion is amazing!! I stumbled upon this while I was at the Chocolate Expo in Albany, NY. The aroma drew me over to the RAD booth and I was instantly impressed. I ended up purchasing the Rock Star LA XXX soap (which is by far our favorite) and Toke Body Cream for my boyfriend for Christmas and he absolutely loved them! The soap was the best "hangover cure" he's ever had. He said the soap was so revitalizing that he actually looked forward to waking up and taking a shower in the morning, no matter how little sleep he got. Since that time at the Chocolate Expo, we've seen them at other events such as the Eagle Mills Craft Fair and bought other RAD products. So far none of them have failed to impress us. We highly recommend any of their products to anyone for whatever intended use. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!

Alicia & Matt

Subject: Sunburn...owee!!!
Just got back from vacation at the Jersey Shore. I haven't been in the sun for years but decided to lay on the beach for a couple of hours and enjoy the ocean breeze. But with the breeze comes the blazing hot sun. You can't feel it because of the wind but you sure can feel it a couple of hours later. Aloe to the rescue? It seemed to soothe the savage sunburn beast until I got to the HVCC Craft show last night. I never stop at this kind of booth because I feel like I'm going to get taken by a bunch of nothing. HOW WRONG I WAS !!!!

After a very long conversation, I decided to purchase the Chaga cream and Chaga body bar. The cream is to die for and my burn is less red and doesn't feel tight like it did yesterday.

Like many others have said, it is more expensive but worth the price. A tiny bit goes a long way and your skin feels like silk. After my shower I was a bit skeptical about the soap. I was expecting a miracle softness. It took a few minutes but the skin that didn't get the cream is very soft. Please purchase this product and support the Small Business that this Country so desperately needs.

I'll be back for more!

- Lisa from Latham, New York

Subject: Ouch!
I've worked cooking in kitchens consistently for the past seven years, and I've got my fair share of burns. Surprisingly enough I got one of the worst burns from camping at Bonnaroo Music Festival this past June. I was cooking a delicious gourmet egg and cheese sandwich, and while serving the egg onto my lap where the plate was some melted boiling hot cheddar cheese dripped its way onto my knee. After about one second I screamed and my friend ripped off the cheese along with a layer of my skin. Since the burn was on my knee it was hard to keep the burn clean and being that I was at a four-day music festival, cleanliness was out of the ordinary. When I returned back home I was in dire need of help for this ridiculous burn. I picked up RAD Soap's Ouch salve and I saw immediate results. The burn pretty much reduced in size within 48 hours. Presently the burn has scarred slightly but a tremendous amount less than it would have if I have not used the salve. Thank you RAD soap I will continue using it if (and when) I burn myself again in all my cooking endeavors.

- Jillian

Subject: Chaga Body Cream
So browsing around the farmers' market today in Cooperstown, NY and met your husband. I noticed on the table a sample of your chaga cream and tried it. At 51 years old not too many products impress me so easily. I immmediately purchased two and am now in a panic that I did not grab more. I have put it on my dry skin at least three times since this pm, including the ride home. Love Love Love whatever it is that chaga mushrooms do...Ladies this is the cream for your face. I will swear that in 5 days my face will look years younger....I'll let you know...

- Christine from West Winfield, NY United States

Subject: Best Product
I just wanted to let everyone know what a great product the Toke body bar is. I had psoriasis for over 12 years; nothing has helped me and I just gave up. But then Lisa from Wallingford walked into my work and told me about this wonderful product. I tried it and thought I had nothing to lose. I've been using it so far for 3 days and I already see a difference in my skin, for the first time in years. I can't wait to see what this product can do for me after 2 weeks. All I can say is finally a product that actualy works!!!!!!!! Best product out there by far. If it wasn't for Lisa, I would have kept suffering. Again, Lisa is my angel for sharing this product with me. Thanks again.

- Karen A., Southington, CT.

Subject: Puppy Love Doggy Bar
Several weeks ago I bought soap. One bar was for the dog and another for myself. I just used up my bar and went back to get two more bars. My husband was in the shower today and I smelled something nice, so I asked him what soap he was using. He said the bar in the shower. Both of my bars are still in my basket to bring into the shower, so I realized he was using the dog bar. I told him that, and he wanted to know what was in it. All I could remember was garlic. Which he replied, "No wonder the bugs have not been so bad!"

- Theresa

Subject: Sugar Plum Fairy
Last Thanksgiving, my father became ill, leading to emergency surgery that, among other things too dire to describe here, involved disconnecting his esophagus and routing it to a drain above his left collarbone. He barely survived and was in the hospital and a nursing home until mid-January. My mother was understandably stressed by all this. I thought she could use a little pampering, so I stopped by the Troy Farmers Market and stocked up on your bath and skin products, including the seasonal Sugar Plum Fairy Body Lotion. She loved everything.

While Dad was in the nursing home and then when he came home, Mom found that the skin around the drain was inflamed from having absorbent pads and adhesive tape applied and peeled off several times a day. None of the products his nurses had tried had helped. In desperation, Mom eased on a little of the Sugar Plum Fairy lotion while changing his dressing one afternoon, and Dad said it helped reduce the skin’s sensitivity almost immediately. Within days, the skin looked fine. She continued applying it sparingly, much to his relief.

Many thanks for doing what you do, and doing it so well.

- Alan

Subject: Soap Sample
I wanted to get upstairs yesterday and thank you for the sample of Hoe Down that you gave Ariel and I last week to try but I was training new help and it was busy; anyway the soap is GREAT !! Normally when I get home from the market my hands are very fishy and I have to wash them multiple times with my husbands Gojo and then regular soap to get rid of the smell but with the Hoe Down it only took two washings and the smell was totally gone plus my hands weren't as chapped as they normally are either !!! I am definitely going to recommend it to my friends who are big gardeners
I will definitely be up to get some more soon.

Thanks again,
Pura Vida Fisheries

Subject: I fell in love!
After a “quick” stop at your booth at the Country Folk Art Craft Show at HVCC & trying LOVE BODY LOTION, I noticed my hands feeling softer by the second & smelling better & better as I worked it in. I then purchased the LOVE SOAP BAR & a jar of EXTREME TOKE LOTION for my husband to try for his eczema. I was amazed at the results overnight. I also used the EXTREME TOKE on my 2-yr old grandson who was staying with us that night. He is a little red head with very fair, sensitive skin with many dry patches. What impressed me the most was that EXTREME TOKE did not irritate his skin at all like baby lotions seem to & his skin was softer & less inflamed in the morning.

Although I live 40 miles from HVCC, I knew that I had to go back the next day to stock up on your amazing products. After my return, I purchased several more soaps (including the recommended TOKE bar for my husband’s dry skin), jars of EXTREME TOKE, more body lotion, a lotion stick to keep in my purse, & a shave bar for my son who only uses natural shave products. (He always goes on-line to find natural products because they can’t be found in stores.)

Knowing that you personally make your RAD products & seeing the list of REAL ingredients lists on each item, I feel safe & secure using them. It’s the first time that I’ve used anyone’s “home-made” lotions or soaps & had a 100% positive experience. There has not been one ingredient that has bothered my skin (or my husband’s, for that matter). Even when we applied EXTREME TOKE directly into the cracks in our very dry hands, there was no stinging, no burning, just a soothing feeling. Thank you so much for caring to pass on your fantastic products beyond your own family so others can benefit from the finest, safest quality ingredients!

Kathy Vining
Claverack, NY

Subject: Your shave bar is awesome!
I came to see you at the Troy Farmers market two weekends ago, and wow! I just tried your Lady's shave bar this morning. I have MS so I was knicking the hell out of my legs, but your bar stopped all that! YIPPEE! I am going to order one for each of my friends!! I just saw your cold medicine, too, and I plan to try that.

So, THANK YOU for my great new shave bar - it feels great to have my skin feeling smooth instead of cut and bloody!!! This was a terrific surprise.


Subject: Do Yourself A Favor
I found Rad soap at the Farmer's Market. When you compare the price with a basic grocery store soap you think "This is too expensive". But you try a bar and fall in love. My husband and I use it all the time. Our skin is not dry and we are not using it to heal anything. We use it because it is natural, it is produced locally, we are supporting a small business and it feels wonderful. It is a small luxury that supports our belief system in several ways. If you think you can't afford it all the time try it for a treat.

Steve and Suzanne

Subject: Toke Extreme
I talked to you at the glastonbury CT fair. I have auto-immune psoriasis, and you know what, everything I tried never worked, even the light therapy. But your soap and lotion did! I love it and it's the best I've ever used. Ordering more... I use the Toke Extreme. Listen people it works! Thanks,


My wife Amy loves the farmers market at her job. She came home with a shaving soap I wasn't too keen on, until I tried it. Absolutely Fantastic! Nice smooth shave even when my beard is close. I love the body bar soaps; you feel squeeky clean when you get out of shower.


Definitely a Rad Soap Follower.
Kent Ripple

Subject: Toke
I stopped by your table at the Eagle Mills Craft Fair in Mayfield/Broadalbin, NY a few weeks ago. I purchased the Toke body bar, and Toke Extreme cream. I am so very impressed.

Since I have been using Toke I haven't used [my old] steroid cream at all. My daughter has used the extreme cream on her eczema around her mouth and it looks better, and she feels better.

The soap rinses off so nicely. I am an RN in a dialysis clinic. Washing hands and using alcohol based rubs is an all day affair. Because of the eczema on my hands I can only use blue nitrile gloves – they are the only ones that do NOT burn my hands (and will not cause a flare up). I do not care for the shorty on my hands (too hard on hurting hands).

I am amazed that after using Toke Extreme cream my hands do not get flaky within an hour like other creams. I am so happy that I stopped by your booth. I will continue to be a customer as long as I can. And I will be telling others of your product (I think I'll take it to work – maybe I could get you some more customers.)

...Again, Thank you!
Ruth McCune,
Amsterdam, NY

Hi Sue -
I just wanted to drop you a little note to say thanks for taking the time to meet with me today about RAD Soap! I'm in love with your products and you have truly converted this "LUSH" girl! ;o) I just used the shaving bar tonight -- and if you could only hear the "angelic ahhhhh's" that my legs were singing while using it!

...I can't wait to spread the word about RAD Soap to my clientele!

Have a great rest of your week -

Rad soap is the absolute best stuff on earth!! Your soaps and lotions are so fragrant and keep my skin feeling soft all day long! I am a nurse and work long hours where I'm constantly using drying hand sanitizer. I use the Score cream and the Toke Extreme and my hands feel like they have been at the spa all day! I am always given compliments all day long about how great I smell! (And that's saying a lot by the end of a twelve hour shift!). Thanks for creating this all natural product, IT'S SO RAD!!!!

-Your devoted fan forever,

I love Rad Soap! First of all, it smells wonderful. Its also hard to find a soap that doesn't leave your skin feeling scummy or kind of waxy, but Rad Soap doesn't do that at all. My skin is smooth and has a hint of whatever scent I used that day. But besides the soap, I just tried their new body lotions. I'm obsessed now. I'm one of those people that uses lotion daily after I shower. I've been using the "Score" lotion and the fragrance is amazing! It's not oily and my skin stays hydrated all day. It's not overpowering either which is good. Best of all, Rad Soap products are all natural and not tested on animals so I feel good about using them. Love Love it!

Regina Gibbins

Dear Susan,
I'm 67 years old and I just wanted to let you know after 26 years of chronic dry skin I'm now wearing short sleeve shirts. Thanks to your TOKE Extreme. I have used everything and anything for years and nothing worked. I purchased TOKE Extreme and within a day there were noticeable changes. After two weeks I put on a short sleeve shirt and have not had one on in years. It really has made a difference to me and my quality of life. I just wanted to share my experience and feel free to let people know my story.

My Best
Steve Goyer
Cohoes NY

Hi Sue,
I just wanted to send you this email because I was amazed. I have spent years reluctant to shake people's hands. Joyce is always buying anything and everything for my eczema and we would always get an underwhelming result. So the first time I tried Toke Extreme it was different; my hands got a little red and a couple of hours later they felt pretty good. I took a picture that day and that's the first picture. The second is 2 weeks later and the last one is 4 weeks later.

It truly is the first thing I've used in 20 years that has helped me and made a big difference with my condition. I'm presently using the whole line and will forever. Please feel free to use these pictures to help other people who might need to know it really works. IT REALLY DOES!!!

Your Friend For Ever
John Clary
Boulder Colorado