Jurassic Mask - World's Oldest Minerals

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Jurassic Mask - World's Oldest Minerals


  • Discovered from the Jurassic Era. 

  • Untouched by modern pollution and exposed to oxygen for the first time in over TWO HUNDRED million years.

  • Most abundant amount of calcium and magnesium than any other substance known to man.

  • 80 different essential trace minerals.

  • Please follow the directions given on the label for best clay mask formulation.

  • For best mixture we suggest using Kombucha.



What will you say of a fabulous substance containing over 80 different essential minerals? A miracle, right? It sure is. Hidden for millions of years and only recently discovered, the Jurassic Clay with a more abundant amount of calcium and magnesium than any other substance known to man is indeed one of Mother Nature's finest gift to man. It is in this special substance that the secret of our product lies. Extremely mild on the skin and naturally gentle, and cleans up dirt and grease. Of course, it doesn’t just clean up the skin, our RAD Jurassic Clay Mask also releases the wonders of the numerous minerals locked within it onto the body to give you a clean, healthy, and fresh look. With a refreshed soothing feel and a calming aroma, Jurassic Clay Mask is not just a facial treatment; it’s an incredible breakthrough in the world of beauty and skin care products.


When tea is cultured, during the process of making kombucha, a transformation occurs. During this time, kombucha naturally becomes rich in polyphenols, probiotics, and amino acids.





-Harsh Chemicals



-Nut Oils



  1. Important:Use non-metal bowl and utensil.
  2. 2 tablespoons of clay into bowl with 1 tablespoon of water ( we recommend GT’s Kombucha). 
  3. Mix together until paste forms. (add more liquid or clay if needed.)  Apply to face.
  4. Create coating with paste  (⅛ to ¼ inch layer) and let it dry approx. 15 Minutes (for all skin types.).
  5. Wash away with warm water and enjoy 200 million years of the world's oldest mask!

         If redness appears this is normal and will disappear over time. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Our Blend: *Mineral Compound. *Mineral Compound contains over 80 occuring trace minerals and may vary due to difference of the rock structure at the base of the vein.

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    So stoked!

    Posted by Azia G on Jun 30th 2018

    I'm stoked I finally made it over to RAD's shop here in Albany today to try this stuff out. Not only does it smell incredible, but it left my face feeling amazing! Thank you RAD for always having the best products!